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Welcome To Our Next Campaign!

This is my favorite idea Ive come up with for our next campaign.


The setting will be during an alternate prequel timeline.

The Sith have died out long ago, when Darth Bane and his apprentice Darth Zannah killed eachother.

Palpatine never progressed his force powers and never learned the dark side, instead he is a peaceful senator from Naboo.

The Republic are still in control of a clone army thanks to the cautious Syphodias, but instead of warring against the Seperatists we remember, it is the planet Mandalore who is warring for freedom, though many of the same that we know are joining or may join their cause against the republic and the Jedi.

Story of our Characters

Regardless of whatever story you have for your family and your life as a baby and toddler, all have been given up to an orphanage. Whether parents have died, become sick or just not felt ready for parenthood.

All of you became friends in the orphanage and all of you were adopted by the same couple.

You loved them, they took great care of you. Eventually your foster dad passed away from a pirate attack, that was eventually stopped by 2 Jedi.

Once you were teenagers, you learned your foster mother had a serious illness. Slowly she lossed all motor function and now she is alive only in the legal sense, comatose, being kept that way only due to machines.

Jedi Failed You

One day a couple of Jedi came to see if anyone of the young force sensitives would be trainable as a Jedi.

You brought the Jedi to see your mother, but they claimed they couldnt help her, but you didn’t believe them.

So those of you who were force sensitive attempted to become a Jedi. They refused all but one of you (an npc sibling of yours), the rest of you were deemed to have a darkness inside you that would be dangerous if trained.

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